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Governance Structure & Policy

Sustainability Governance Structure

DNE has established a top-down sustainability governance structure making sure our belief in sustainability and commitments to stakeholders are put into action.

Members and Functions

Board of Directors

The board of directors drives DNE’s overall sustainability goals, management strategies and policies. It is also responsible for assessing risks related to sustainability development, ensuring the Company has appropriate and effective sustainability management and control systems in place.

Sustainability Committee

Sustainability Committee oversees the Company’s sustainability strategies, work plans and performance targets. It also provides guidance to strengthen DNE’s leadership in environmental, social and governance aspects.

Sustainability Work Group

Members of the Sustainability Work Group come from various operating units, they are the ESG persons-in-charge of their respective operation. Members’ duties include implementing sustainability policies and plans, compiling ESG information for disclosure and reporting relevant risks to the Company.

Sustainability Policies

If you want English copy of sustainability policies, please contact us at compliance@dnegroup.com