SHANGHAI, March 7, 2023: DNE Group, a leading new economy infrastructure investor, developer, and operator in China, has attained the internationally recognized WELL Gold certification for its Shanghai headquarters.

As an early adopter of the renowned benchmark and award scheme promoting quality, healthy built environment, DNE is now ahead of the pack as more Chinese companies and developers attach staff well-being and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) ethos to their business strategies.

“Why are we doing WELL? Because we care for our people. This certification by the International WELL Building Institute attests to DNE’s dedication to employee well-being, sustainability, and ESG accountability as we incorporate these values into every facet of our business,” said Sun Dongping, DNE Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

The WELL certification is an assessment and ratings framework promoting good workplace environments for all. It centers on elements as basic as air, water, light, sound, thermal comfort, and nourishment to enhance the environment and efficiency for employees. This certification has taken on particular significance since the COVID-19 outbreak, as more businesses beckon their staff back to the office and prioritize their health. DNE is among the first companies in China that have aligned operations with the WELL requirements, starting with the certification of its head office in downtown Shanghai.

Conceptualized and constructed by DNE and WELL’s designers and engineers, some caring and thoughtful features of DNE’s HQ renovation included:

  • Air quality and thermal comfort maintained by hospital-grade purifiers and filters as well as sensors of humidity, PM2.5, and CO2
  • Drinking water purification using reverse osmosis and filtration
  • Use of ergonomic furniture like laptop stands to prevent musculoskeletal fatigue
  • Use of green building materials and low-volatile organic compound products like cotton, linen, and silk to replace vinyl and other synthetic materials
  • Open floor plans and flexible seating to promote staff interaction, physical activity, and a sense of place
  • Airy, biophilic designs to bring natural light and sights indoors

But it’s more than just better office spaces. Much care and consideration are also given to enhancing the mental health and pursuits of employees. DNE’s Well-certified office now hosts a variety of wellness and recreational events like sporting competitions and fitness and mindfulness sessions.

“Our people are our greatest asset. We have a people-centric philosophy. We aim to provide the best-in-class workplace and a diverse and inclusive culture for our employees to thrive,” said Julie Wong, DNE Senior Vice President, Human Resources.

The time and investment going into the WELL certification will pay off well for DNE, building up employee performance, satisfaction, and loyalty. Its Shanghai head office is transformed into a pulsating hub for work, innovation, and collaboration, where all staff feel healthier, happier, and more productive.

Staff comment inserted here:

“I’m happy with our new work environment. For example, our meeting rooms are all equipped with smart digital systems that bring us convenience. Besides, we now have several collaboration areas for group discussions, focus booths to give us more privacy and concentration when we need them, and a better pantry that is also a mini cafe. I feel great and energetic in this workplace,” said an employee.

The WELL certification will further bolster the real estate value and human and social capital performance across DNE’s portfolio, as the company builds its reputation of being a people-first employer that puts “wellness” in ESG and everything it does.

About DNE Group

DNE Group is a leading new economy infrastructure investor, developer, and operator in China with over $15 billion in AUM and GFA of over 14 million square meters across multiple verticals, including logistics and cold chains, life sciences, modern manufacturing parks, urban redevelopment, and data centers. DNE also runs DNE Capital, a private equity investment platform focusing on new economy industry investment.

DNE provides a full range of integrated infrastructure solutions to new economy clients, meeting their needs from R&D, manufacturing, warehousing, to operating corporate headquarters.

With a seasoned management team, DNE provides comprehensive capabilities spanning acquisition, development, construction, and asset and fund management. DNE aspires to deliver sustainable long-term value to its new economy clients, capital partners, and stakeholders.

About WELL certification

Spanning 108 features and 10 concepts, the WELL certification conferred by the International WELL Building Institute is a roadmap for improving the quality of air, water, and light with inspired design decisions that not only support people’s physical and mental health but also help them do their best work every day.

The WELL Building Standard is for the creation and certification of spaces that advance human health and well-being. Developed over 10 years and backed by the latest scientific research, WELL sets pathways for accomplishing people- and health-first goals for ESG-conscious businesses. Rigorous performance standards for design interventions, operational protocols, and company-wide practices are verified by a third party.